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Are the Dishes Clean or Dirty?


My house can get a little chaotic with the two little ones. So there are lots of times I haven’t had the time to unload the the dishwasher of the clean dishes. But I have had to grab a few clean dishes right away. Well you know how when you open the door the light is no longer on Clean. How easy is it for some one else, the husband, to put now dirty dishes on top of the already clean ones without knowing? And it happens time and again. So I wanted to put an end to this finally.

I decided to make a magnet for the the front of the dishwasher that can tell anyone if the dishes are clean or dirty. So now maybe anyone can help put them away when I’m too busy, would be nice, or just not put dirty ones on top of the clean.

I used a piece of a card board box, cut some card stock and glued it down with my mod podge (white glue and water mixture).

dishwasher magnet1

I sat the cardboard outside to dry quickly. When dry I wrote Dirty and Clean on it so I can just flip the magnet upside or right side up. Lastly I cut a piece of magnet strip that has 2 sided tape on it and stuck it on.


dishwasher magnet

I had my solution in 5 mins. Lets hope I remember to flip it right!