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Father’s Day Love


The Children in our Preschool made one of these for Mother’s Day and I loved this project so much I decided to make one of my daughter to match my son’s. I also made a smaller pair to give to Grandpa for Father’s Day. This is such an easy project that can be used for any type of special gift any time of the year.




I took pictures of my children blowing kisses, printed them, and cut them out. I painted, with the help of my children, two 5×7 canvases in blue and let dry over night. I then drew hearts on construction paper and cut them out. Next I glued the photos down. Lastly the kids and I glued the hearts in the direction we thought they would be blown.



I think Papa will love this gift.



Trains Vs. Legos


We’ve had a train table for years and the kids have loved it. But now that they are getting older they have really started getting into building with Legos. Our train table couldn’t really be changed into a Lego table.  I noticed another Mother swapping out her train table since the top was warped so we grabbed it to transform it.

train table warped top

My husband had a piece of particle board cut for the top of the table then glued down Lego bases with the help from the kids.

IMG_7626 IMG_7627

This was a great table to transform since it has drawers to put extra Legos in. I love how the Legos can be secure on the bases with less chance of losing the small pieces.

IMG_7628 IMG_7589

Now it’s time to build and be creative!

Expired Car Seat’s New Life


So what did you do with your child’s expired car seat?



My husband has had plans for his and their seat for a while now.

One way to make sure it wouldn’t be used unsafely in a car again was to bolt it down to pieces of wood. Then add a steering wheel and gas peddles. Lastly plop it down in front of a computer screen.

Now my kids and their Daddy can play race car video games just like in an arcade.


Yes, they are in heaven.


Thank you Daddy.

Ninja Turtles Ornament


Here’s our quick Christmas gifts for the boys in my daughter’s Kindergarten class.

They all seem to love the Ninja Turtles. So when I saw this easy craft I knew it was perfect.


I bought some green ornaments and used the ribbon and googly eyes we already had.


She loved hot gluing these guys together and the boys thought they were pretty cool.


What more could you ask for?

Happy Holidays!

Small Christmas Gifts for the Girls


My daughter wanted to make small gifts for the girls in her class for Christmas.

I checked my stash of crafts and found the perfect gifts!

She used to be addicted to wearing headbands so I bought her a bunch that we could make together a while back. Well she doesn’t wear them like she used to but thought it would be fun to create the rest of them for her friends.


I bought a few packs of plain ribbon headbands and scrap flowers to glue down. We plugged in the glue gun, designed and glued away! She was very excited since this was the first time she was able to actually use a glue gun, under my supervision. She is 5 1/2 going on 13 so she must be ready.


What a pretty and personalized gift I hope they can cherish for some time.


Now we need to get on the boys gifts……

Happy Holidays!

Kindergarten Project – Family Mobile


This school project was not my idea but it is so cute I just had to share it.  My daughter started Kindergarten 2 weeks ago! I cannot believe it yet. But they just jump right in with a full day of school, home work and projects. I guess they can’t wait for us 1st time kinder parents to wrap our minds around it all.  Might take a while but I’m getting there!

photo 5

This family mobile project made me think of how cute a mobile could be made by older siblings or close cousins for a new baby’s nursery or decorating a baby shower. The Teacher sent these instructions home.

photo 4

The student’s picture is on one side of the hanger that’s covered in construction paper and their name on the opposite side.  Then the family members are hanging from the hanger and decorated. Lastly she added her bling of flowers and gems.

photo 3

This is how ours turned out. And my daughter actually did a lot of this project so I’m very proud of her.

photo 2

Hope everyone is having a wonderful time back to school!

No Sew Capes


My kids birthdays are only a month a part. And since this is the only year they are in preschool together and have the same friends, I decided to throw a double birthday party for them and invited the Preschool.

Both kids love super heroes so I thought this would be a fun theme for both of them. I wanted all their friends to have a cape to take home from our party. So I researched and a ton of no sew capes and came up with one that was simple. I bought 1 plastic $3 superman cape to use as my pattern. When I measured it out and did the math with help of the sewing ladies and Joann’s, we came up with 7.5 yards of red felt. This wasn’t very expensive especially with their 50% off coupon.

photo 1(3)photo 2(3)

I cut for days and days! I had 39 children RSVP, not everyone showed up, and that is ok! But I did cut 39 capes, 39 diamond shapes and each child’s initial. I had felt scraps for these in different colors. I then added small pieces of Velcro to the neck band by either sewing it or stapling them.

photo 3photo 3(2)photo 4(2)

I wanted the kids and parents to have fun putting these together at the craft table. So I didn’t choose to use anything permanent like fabric glue, that has to dry for 24 hours, or hot glue out with the preschoolers. We used glue dots and they seemed to hold for a bit. I hope everyone was able to glue them down better at home. The final results were super cute.

H cape

I love all these super hero kids!