Princess Leia’s Belt


It’s Costume time again and it is hard to find a good Princess Leia’s Belt!  All the store bought costumes really skimp on this accessory.  So I decided to make my own. There are a ton of these belt DIY tutorials out there. Now here’s mine too.



I used foam sheets over felt since I felt it would hold it’s shape better. I found the shapes I wanted from pictures online. Next I drew them and cut them out. I first used white glue to adhere the shapes but they started to peel as soon as it dried. I reinforced the edges with the trusty hot glue gun. But you have to be careful and use very little since the hot temp gun can and will melt the foam. Luckily mine stayed together using minimal hot glue and no melted holes were made.


Lastly I added 2 small pieces of stick on Velcro to  the back of the belt. I think this turned out well for a few dollars to wear for a few hours.


Now all is ready for Halloween. Have a fun and safe Holiday!



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