Chalk Board Menu


I wanted to make a chalkboard menu for the times we entertain. These little details are really cute for any party.  I had this old multi picture frame that I was never going to use. So I decided I would re-purpose the frame into the menu.

chalk board menu

I traced the glass rectangle from the frame on press board then tossed the glass out.  Next I sanded down the wood frame. I wanted to make it vintage looking. So after wiping the sanded frame down, I spray painted the wood gold. After that dried I spray painted the next layer white. While the frame was drying over night my husband cut the press wood. I painted about 4 layers of chalk board paint on the press wood. I let them both dry over night.


The next morning I used light grit sand paper and sanded the frame as to how I wanted it to look. I wanted to see some gold through it just enough for some sparkle.


After everything was dry I put the boarded frame together.

One tip that I learned long ago was to color the whole board with white chalk first. This way you avoid any ghost writing from the 1st time you write on it. Wipe the chalk board down with dry cloth and you’re ready to write.

IMG_7625menu board

The menu board turned out great. We were able to use it right away for a Teacher’s luncheon we put on at my Daughter’s school. A fast fun and reusable detail to any party. Enjoy.


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