Monthly Archives: December 2014

Ninja Turtles Ornament


Here’s our quick Christmas gifts for the boys in my daughter’s Kindergarten class.

They all seem to love the Ninja Turtles. So when I saw this easy craft I knew it was perfect.


I bought some green ornaments and used the ribbon and googly eyes we already had.


She loved hot gluing these guys together and the boys thought they were pretty cool.


What more could you ask for?

Happy Holidays!


Small Christmas Gifts for the Girls


My daughter wanted to make small gifts for the girls in her class for Christmas.

I checked my stash of crafts and found the perfect gifts!

She used to be addicted to wearing headbands so I bought her a bunch that we could make together a while back. Well she doesn’t wear them like she used to but thought it would be fun to create the rest of them for her friends.


I bought a few packs of plain ribbon headbands and scrap flowers to glue down. We plugged in the glue gun, designed and glued away! She was very excited since this was the first time she was able to actually use a glue gun, under my supervision. She is 5 1/2 going on 13 so she must be ready.


What a pretty and personalized gift I hope they can cherish for some time.


Now we need to get on the boys gifts……

Happy Holidays!