Inexpensive Dining Chairs Makeover


We have a small dining table with 4 chairs that have beige cushions. Yeah, like beige cushions are going to last with our 3 1/2 and 5 1/2 year olds. It was easier when they were in high chairs. Now since using their booster seats its just made the dirt and stains more apparent. We wipe them down, use the carpet cleaner on them, and even use the unsightly towels under the booster seats. But stains are stains and they stare at me everyday.


I wanted a better look. But I’m not ready to buy new just to let them get ruined again. So instead we decided it was time to paint the fabric. I wanted a dark gray fabric paint. When I couldn’t find gray, I made it with a mixture black and white. For 4 chairs it took about 2 black bottles and 1 white, at $6.99 each, it was a bargain makeover.


The cushions have lots of texture so I didn’t try to paint in every nook and cranny. I actually like how this type of pattern turned out.


We let them sit in the sun outside for a good 48 hours before bringing them back in and ready to be sat on.


Now when friends come to visit during the holidays I wont be so embarrassed of our “children loved” furniture!



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