Kindergarten Project – Family Mobile


This school project was not my idea but it is so cute I just had to share it.  My daughter started Kindergarten 2 weeks ago! I cannot believe it yet. But they just jump right in with a full day of school, home work and projects. I guess they can’t wait for us 1st time kinder parents to wrap our minds around it all.  Might take a while but I’m getting there!

photo 5

This family mobile project made me think of how cute a mobile could be made by older siblings or close cousins for a new baby’s nursery or decorating a baby shower. The Teacher sent these instructions home.

photo 4

The student’s picture is on one side of the hanger that’s covered in construction paper and their name on the opposite side.  Then the family members are hanging from the hanger and decorated. Lastly she added her bling of flowers and gems.

photo 3

This is how ours turned out. And my daughter actually did a lot of this project so I’m very proud of her.

photo 2

Hope everyone is having a wonderful time back to school!


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