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Easy, Pretty and Natural


I wanted to make something easy, pretty and natural for the Bridal Shower favor. So it would match the whole theme I’ve been sharing with you.

My nice go to favor is a home made body scrub. I have a large grapefruit tree and I’m always trying to figure out more ways to use up the mass amount of white grapefruit that grows. Here’s my recipe.  This time I used raw sugar and had to add a bit more olive oil for the right consistency. That’s the fun part about these scrubs, you can mix and match. How about Epson salt and lemons? Play with it. As for this favor I had all these ingredients on hand which makes it much easier.

Now I needed jars to put the mixture in and I needed to decorate them. I asked a new mother for some glass baby food jars for this craft project. Next I grabbed some fabric scraps, lace scraps, and my trusty glue gun.

photo 1(4)

After washing the jars, I measured, cut and glued the fabric to the jars. Next I let them dry and lastly I scooped the scrub in so they all pretty much measured about the same amount. I made an even dozen.

photo 2(4)photo 2(5)

I was given these old labels from a school which I thought would be perfect to list the ingredients on. And there you go, an easy, pretty and natural favor to give away at a shower, or even around the holidays.

photo 3(1)photo 2(2)photo 4(1)



Labeling With Chalkboard Paint


I have these 3 cute tins I’ve been meaning to paint with chalk board paint. My friend’s Bridal Shower was the perfect excuse to get it done.

So simple, I don’t even need to type instructions.

photo 1(3)photo 3(2)

I Just taped the tins where I wanted the label to be and painted. I needed a good 4 coats to be thick enough to write on. So just paint, let dry fully and paint again. Chalk board paint dries very quickly, especially outside during the summer.

photo 4(4)

I used these tins to hold the cute utensils I tied up, for extra napkins, and straws for the lemonade.

One tip for this paint is: Once its all dried and ready to be written upon, scribble all over the paint and then wipe it down. This will keep the label from any permanent chalk marks.

photo 4(5)Have a great day!