Easy Summer Parties


I love when I am able to DIY and repurpose almost everything for a party.

I threw a friend’s bridal shower yesterday and it was so easy to pull together that I just have to share.


I was able to borrow 2 burlap table cloths and a bunch of mason jars from a friend. If you have these 2 items you can pretty much reuse them for any party. They can be decorated to match any theme. I was able to use my lace runner I made by sewing doilies together, on top of the burlap table cloths. Then added floral arrangements in mason jars I made from clippings from the yard. This included tree trimmings from my pine tree. Sticks that have been dried out with some flowers. Be creative with floral arrangements. They can be made of pretty much anything. Lastly I tied some ribbon and twine around the jars for the final touch.

photo 3(5)

One thing I thought was cute was putting utensils and napkin tied together with ribbon and twine as well. Its so easy to grab them all in one and easy to decorate. I also added a twig of rosemary from my own plant. It smelt and looked beautiful.

photo 1(6)

photo 2(6)Happy summer party throwing!



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