No Sew Capes


My kids birthdays are only a month a part. And since this is the only year they are in preschool together and have the same friends, I decided to throw a double birthday party for them and invited the Preschool.

Both kids love super heroes so I thought this would be a fun theme for both of them. I wanted all their friends to have a cape to take home from our party. So I researched and a ton of no sew capes and came up with one that was simple. I bought 1 plastic $3 superman cape to use as my pattern. When I measured it out and did the math with help of the sewing ladies and Joann’s, we came up with 7.5 yards of red felt. This wasn’t very expensive especially with their 50% off coupon.

photo 1(3)photo 2(3)

I cut for days and days! I had 39 children RSVP, not everyone showed up, and that is ok! But I did cut 39 capes, 39 diamond shapes and each child’s initial. I had felt scraps for these in different colors. I then added small pieces of Velcro to the neck band by either sewing it or stapling them.

photo 3photo 3(2)photo 4(2)

I wanted the kids and parents to have fun putting these together at the craft table. So I didn’t choose to use anything permanent like fabric glue, that has to dry for 24 hours, or hot glue out with the preschoolers. We used glue dots and they seemed to hold for a bit. I hope everyone was able to glue them down better at home. The final results were super cute.

H cape

I love all these super hero kids!


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