Valentine’s Day Crayons for our Preschool Class


We’ve been saving up all our broken crayons for this holiday. Went back to an oldie but goodie.

I went to a craft store and picked up a heart silicone mold that is ok to use in the oven. I grabbed our broken crayons and removed all their papers.


The most tedious part about this easy craft, is removing all the papers from the crayons. It seemed like it took forever!

heart hearts

My daughter and I broke up the crayons and mixed and matched the colors in each heart. We made enough for every child in her Preschool class to get one, plus a few extra for her of course.

hearts1 hearts melt

I baked the crayons at 350 degrees until liquified. We watched them as they melted. When they were little puddles, I removed them and let them dry for an hour before removing them. I wanted them good and cooled so they wouldn’t break. They popped right out. Then we put one in each Valentine’s bag. Next Holland will write or draw a little something for each friend.

heart crayon heart craft

I love how these turned out. Happy Valentine’s Day!

heart bag


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