Handmade Cards


‘Tis the season of cards. I do love a nice Hallmark card like everyone else, but how much more love is put into a handmade card? A lot of love and time is put into a handmade card and that’s why they are so special.

I used to scrapbook but I no longer have the time or patience. So now my children and I have tons of supplies to use for things like handmade cards.  What about all those holiday cards you get every year and have no place to put them after the holidays? All those generic cards (of course not the ones with your family’s cute faces on them) can be reused again. Cut out the pictures, the phrases and hand craft a new one with your own style.

We have 3 birthdays to attend in just a little over a week, so we got to work on our cards. The kids made these on card stock with stickers and markers for art. A good way to have them practice writing their names.

photo 1 (2)photo 3 (2)Here’s another example of a card made for a new baby. Need an envelope? Fold up card stock and tape the sides with 2 sided tape and there you go.

IMG_7162IMG_7166Don’t forget to save those Holiday cards this year for next year! Reuse, reduce and recycle!


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