Garden Art


I’m working on those finishing touches in my garden before it gets too cold.

I found the greatest frame from a thrift store years ago. We have used it for a photo booth before which was really cute, but now it was time to make it into Garden Art.

I saved the sticks I had trimmed off of our fruit trees and after painting some with the kids I thought framing them would be fun too.

So I grabbed the frame and painted in green.

frame greenphoto 1 (4)

I then glued and nailed sticks to the back of the frame. A few times, since they didn’t always stick. When I finally got it to work I then spray painted them gold. I love the gold but it doesn’t stand out as much as maybe a hot pink would. Next time I’ll stock up on more pink paint.

photo 2

Now time to hang up in the Garden to sit next to and admire during the morning.

photo 2 (4)And then during sunset.

photo 3


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