Garden Remodel


This summer I’ve been slowly remodeling my garden into a flower sitting garden. I believe I’m about 90% done. I still have a few empty pots to fill with flowering plants, but I’m still able to sit in my garden and enjoy it.

Here’s a picture I took while ripping a bunch of planter boxes out when it was a mess.


Then I started building features like the topsy turvey planter.

garden typsty pots

And the buried planter.

garden burried pot

The hanging succulents.

succulent holderRepainting planters.

photo 3And the plant in its own chair.

chair planterHere’s a picture from today with the kids enjoying MY sitting garden at 90% finished. I think it looks great finally! There are lots of finishing touches I want to add but the big hard work has been done. With many thanks to my husband for helping me out with so many of these projects.

photo 2photo 3Thank you for reading my blog for 2 years now!


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