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Halloween Headbands


As soon as my daughter took off her cat costume last year she told me she wanted to be a mermaid for this next Halloween. And she made her mind up so that was it. If you know her, you understand.

So I bought her a Little Mermaid costume but I wanted to make something for her costume and not just have it all store bought.

She’s really into head bands right now so I figured this is what I could make to add to her costume. I wanted to make a headband fit for a Mermaid Princess.

photo 1

I took 2 of her flimsy small headbands and wrapped it with scrap fabric and glued the ends with my glue gun. I left one of the bows out to give it some sparkle. Then I added and glued  a small piece of a fishing net and added decorations.

photo 1 (2)

A close friend of mine gave me some great ideas with shells and Paillettes.

photo 2 (2)photo 3 (2)

So I added everything a Princess would want on her headband and this is what I came up with.

photo 3photo 4photo 5


Garden Art


I’m working on those finishing touches in my garden before it gets too cold.

I found the greatest frame from a thrift store years ago. We have used it for a photo booth before which was really cute, but now it was time to make it into Garden Art.

I saved the sticks I had trimmed off of our fruit trees and after painting some with the kids I thought framing them would be fun too.

So I grabbed the frame and painted in green.

frame greenphoto 1 (4)

I then glued and nailed sticks to the back of the frame. A few times, since they didn’t always stick. When I finally got it to work I then spray painted them gold. I love the gold but it doesn’t stand out as much as maybe a hot pink would. Next time I’ll stock up on more pink paint.

photo 2

Now time to hang up in the Garden to sit next to and admire during the morning.

photo 2 (4)And then during sunset.

photo 3

Garden Remodel


This summer I’ve been slowly remodeling my garden into a flower sitting garden. I believe I’m about 90% done. I still have a few empty pots to fill with flowering plants, but I’m still able to sit in my garden and enjoy it.

Here’s a picture I took while ripping a bunch of planter boxes out when it was a mess.


Then I started building features like the topsy turvey planter.

garden typsty pots

And the buried planter.

garden burried pot

The hanging succulents.

succulent holderRepainting planters.

photo 3And the plant in its own chair.

chair planterHere’s a picture from today with the kids enjoying MY sitting garden at 90% finished. I think it looks great finally! There are lots of finishing touches I want to add but the big hard work has been done. With many thanks to my husband for helping me out with so many of these projects.

photo 2photo 3Thank you for reading my blog for 2 years now!