First Day of School Bouquet


My two little ones are finally back to Preschool! I’m so excited for them. They both love their Teacher so I thought it would be fun to have them bring her a first day of school bouquet.

school bouquet1

I bought a bunch of number 2 pencils to decorate jars. I reused a Jam jar and bought another candy jar from the dollar store to use. Since both of these jars were shorter then the #2 pencils I had my husband saw them perfectly in half. This way I could cover the outer part of the jar all in pencils. If you could find a tall straight vase you could do the same with full pencils as well.

school bouquet

I used a large thick rubber band around the jar and then positioned the pencils underneath. Once I had all the pencils on I added ribbon for decoration and to add some security to the pencils. Then I added school supplies to the larger one and flowers to the smaller one.

school bouquet4

Last I added a gift tag with the message, “Happy First Day of School.”

Hope everyone had a lovely summer!


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