Monthly Archives: September 2013

Reusing Easter baskets


This weekend I was able to enjoy a beautiful baby shower. I was also able to use one of my favorite re-purposing items, the Easter basket.

I’m always left with too many baskets after each Easter. Most of the time we use them again the following year but another fun way to reuse is to use it as a gift bag. You can paint them a different color if the pastels do not match your need.

I left the pink one alone since the shower was for a baby girl. But I did saw off the tall handle so it didn’t look so Easter. Then added my gifts. You can add the cellophane bag around it to secure your items or leave them out to be handled.

Either way, its always a pretty production.

easter basket gift


First Day of School Bouquet


My two little ones are finally back to Preschool! I’m so excited for them. They both love their Teacher so I thought it would be fun to have them bring her a first day of school bouquet.

school bouquet1

I bought a bunch of number 2 pencils to decorate jars. I reused a Jam jar and bought another candy jar from the dollar store to use. Since both of these jars were shorter then the #2 pencils I had my husband saw them perfectly in half. This way I could cover the outer part of the jar all in pencils. If you could find a tall straight vase you could do the same with full pencils as well.

school bouquet

I used a large thick rubber band around the jar and then positioned the pencils underneath. Once I had all the pencils on I added ribbon for decoration and to add some security to the pencils. Then I added school supplies to the larger one and flowers to the smaller one.

school bouquet4

Last I added a gift tag with the message, “Happy First Day of School.”

Hope everyone had a lovely summer!

TV Tray Decorating


I found an old AAA map that I’ve been wanting to use on something. I love maps, but now with GPS on phones, who really needs a map?

I thought it would look nice on the bottom of a TV tray. So I grabbed my home made mod podge, scissors, map and TV tray.


I cut the part of the map I wanted to fit. Had to have the beach and Pacific Ocean showing, along with our home town. I then painted some of my mod podge on the tray itself, lined the inside with the map and continued to paint the mod podge on top. When it was good and saturated I put it outside in the 100 degree weather where it dried in 5 minutes, seriously.

Now if I could actually put a center piece on my coffee table, I have a 2 year old so I don’t, it would look something like this.


There are so many different ways to do this. You can use a fun poster, wrapping paper, sheet music,maybe a Christmas theme for parties, etc. This is a fun and easy way to decorate.