Re-using old sheets


I have a few sheets that have torn and we no longer use them anymore but I’ve kept them around just in case I might find some sort of need of them. Well I finally did.

I wanted to make a simple summer wreath for my front door with things I had in my craft box.  I wrapped around part of the sheet as the first layer of the wreath to add girth. I tore the queen size sheet into 4 long strips and only needed one.


Then I grabbed scraps of burlap, ribbons, an S that I spray painted gold, a flower clip, and a button.  Lastly I hot glued all the different layers of things to complete our family initial summer wreath.


wreath done

I also was able to use a small scrap of this soft sheet for the inside of my daughter’s shirt. The decal that was stitched in scratched her chest and she would never wear it. I finally bought some fabric glue and glued a small piece of sheet to the inside covering the area. Now it’s soft and washable and is worn at least once a week, since it is Hello Kitty after all.


Any other ideas you can share for re-using sheets?


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