Monthly Archives: August 2013

A Sitting Plant For My Sitting Garden


Since I’ve been working on my garden all summer I’ve been wondering how to change every day things into garden accessories.

This time it was a wooden chair just taking up space in the garage. This chair was not comfortable so I didn’t feel bad at all about having my husband cut a hole through the seat.


I saw how cute this looked on Pinterest, of course. What a fun idea. So the circle was traced, hole was cut and planter placed in.


Now I have a sitting plant to share my sitting garden with.

chair planter


Re-using old sheets


I have a few sheets that have torn and we no longer use them anymore but I’ve kept them around just in case I might find some sort of need of them. Well I finally did.

I wanted to make a simple summer wreath for my front door with things I had in my craft box.  I wrapped around part of the sheet as the first layer of the wreath to add girth. I tore the queen size sheet into 4 long strips and only needed one.


Then I grabbed scraps of burlap, ribbons, an S that I spray painted gold, a flower clip, and a button.  Lastly I hot glued all the different layers of things to complete our family initial summer wreath.


wreath done

I also was able to use a small scrap of this soft sheet for the inside of my daughter’s shirt. The decal that was stitched in scratched her chest and she would never wear it. I finally bought some fabric glue and glued a small piece of sheet to the inside covering the area. Now it’s soft and washable and is worn at least once a week, since it is Hello Kitty after all.


Any other ideas you can share for re-using sheets?