The Princess Bed Vs. The Car Bed


My son is now being transitioned to a bed from his crib. We bought him a car bed to entice him and it seems to be working. But he still wakes up half way through the night. I’m tired!

So now my daughter, who’s in a normal looking toddler bed wanted a Princess bed since “Jude got a Car bed! ”

bed car

My husband and I decided it was time to convert the crib into the toddler size day bed and make it into a princess bed. She wanted it to be pink. So he lightly sanded it and painted it pink. The bed dried quickly over night in this summer heat.

bed crib

bed crib pink

I was going to make my own netting canopy with an embroidery hoop as one of my fun DIY projects but I found an already made one cheaper then it would be if I made it, on  I also found some princess decals to add to the princess bed as well. And this is what we came up with.

bed princess1

She’s in love with sleeping in her Princess Day Bed. Now if only my son was that in love with his car bed then we’d all have much more sleep!

bed princess


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