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Decorated Branch for the Garden


It was time to trim some branches from my small trees in the back yard. And I remembered seeing this great idea on another parent’s blog about decorating branches. I thought this was a wonderful idea for the kids and I in the back yard on a summer day.


After trimming the tree and picking a pretty branch to decorate, I got the kid’s paint out and let them have fun painting it. I of course had to join the fun too!

branch paint'

branch painting

After we colored every branch and made a mess, I left the branch out to dry.

branch paint1

Once dried I found a home for it in my lavender’s large planter.  Now I’m thinking about all the ornaments we could glue on it next!

branch done


Displaying Preschool Art


One thing I learned from my daughter’s first year of Preschool was that I did not have enough heavy duty fridge magnets to hold up all her art that she wanted me to display.  Then I remembered I had a bag of clothespins I bought a while back. I knew I could figure out how to dress them up for our kitchen art display.

magnet supplies

I grabbed some pins, Washi tape, magnet tape, glue scissors and some bling.

First I taped the clothes pins and cut to fit. Then I cut 3 small strips of the magnet tape for each pin and stuck them to one side.


Lastly and definitely not least, I added a jewel to each one for that little extra fun. My daughter loves anything that sparkles.

magnet bling

I made 8 magnet pins in total. And they past the test. Two pins were able to hold up  3 paintings at once. Even my 4 year old daughter was bale to pin one up herself.

magnet holland

magnet art

We’ll see if this is enough for both kids since my son is starting Preschool this fall. Cannot wait for new art!