Quick Vase


I needed a quick vase for a pretty dinner I was setting for my in law’s anniversary.  We had flowers for the center piece but I didn’t want to run out and buy a vase just to use for a few hours. So I checked the jars I had kept and found one I could use. An empty Burt’s Bee baby bath jar.



I also wanted to cover up the logo so I grabbed  my trusty Mod Podge, some pretty card stock and washi tape.

First I measured and cut the paper out, painted mod podge on the jar, stuck the paper to it and mod podged again over the paper. Then I set the vase out to dry in the sun.


After 30 mins, It was super warm out, I added washi tape to the top and bottom for a trim. It was cute for a quick vase.

vase (2)

In-laws loved their Anniversary Dinner and Movie in. Happy 42 years of marriage to them!


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  1. I love it! I used jars like that for many of the centerpieces at our wedding (with just a little ribbon wrapped around the top). I really like the original jar- I might have to go out and get some of that stuff. (But I like your decoration, as well.)

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