Garden Getting a New Facelift


Now that 4 years have gone by that my vegetable garden has refused to produce any vegetables, I am giving the garden a do over. It will now be a sitting garden. This will be for when I have some down time and I can sit and read a book amongst my flowers while a gentle breeze caresses me and my glass of wine. A mom can dream right? Maybe for Mother’s Day?  Well, I will make it into a sitting garden, just so it can torture me when I look at it and forbid my children to play in it. One day I WILL sit and enjoy it!

I’m starting with planters and figurines I already have. I don’t want to spend much money adding anything but try and reuse and rearrange.

I started with making this cute tipsy pot planter with all the terracotta  planters I have. We did purchase 1 rebar for down the middle of the planters. This was super easy just setting them on top of each other. I love the way this looks and it will be very pretty when the flowers bloom.


Now for some new paint, dressing up some planters, planting some seeds and flowers and soon the garden will look like new. I’m very excited for the projects I have planned through the summer.

Happy Mother’s Day!

And flowers now planted.

garden typsty pots


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