Cinco De Mayo Poms Poms


We’re having a party here on Cinco De Mayo. So I wanted to make some fun decorations. But only if I could reuse some items.

I found some tissue paper pom poms that looked so easy to make. I already had some red and white tissue paper to reuse  but I did have to purchase some green to make it complete. I also was able to reuse those small wire ties you get with trash bags.


I found these on pinterest and followed the directions and yes it was easy. But what nobody says how tedious it is! Who knew it would take forever to fold up tissue paper, measure about 5″ apart to cut, fold back and forth like a fan, make sure folds are about 2″, then twist tie in the middle, cut the tops round, and lastly pull each separate tissue paper down until each side of 7 layers are down and looking like a flower pom pom. Phew!





You can either tie them together to make a long garland or tape them up separate. They do look lovely.




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