Rain Gutter Book Shelves


My kids have so many books. I am so happy they love books. But storage of books is a whole other problem.  The regular book shelves on the wall are too high for them to reach so we have their favorites all scattered around.

Then at Preschool our Teacher had a plan for their library that she saw on pinterest and I had to steal the idea since it was so easy and great!
The husband loved the idea. He measured the wall, cut the plastic rain gutters, capped the ends and screwed them into the wall.

book shelf gutter cap

book shelf tools

The kids love it! They can see all the books and can grab any of them. And my favorite,  it’s organized!

book shelf done

book shelf kids

Next, we need it done at Preschool.


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  1. These are too cute! My son has a ton of books, but I don’t weed through them much since he really does read all of them frequently. This is a good idea for some extra storage since, as you said, it can be an issue with little ones.

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