Painting Pants


I bought my daughter some khaki pants thinking it would match all her colorful tops. I wasn’t thinking too hard when I bought them. Of course she’d never wear them, they are neutral! There’s no sparkles, hearts or bows, why would she wear them? We’ve 0wned them for months and I’ve asked weekly if she’d wear them only to have her look past them. Finally it dawned on me that I could paint them with the fabric paint just sitting there collecting dust!

pants heart

I grabbed the pants, a heart cookie cutter for a stencil (that I no longer use for cookies), paint and a sponge brushes.

I put paper towels in the legs where I would be painting so it wouldn’t leak through and painted in the heart stencil.  Let dry for 72 hours as per instructions.


voila! My daughter actually wanted to wear them now.

pants heart holland


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