Popcorn Tin = Toy Storage


Toys toys every where! I’m always looking for ways to store or organize the Kid’s toys. I really don’t know why because the kids never seem to keep them organized, but it feels better when I can.

One great item that can be reused into any storage is the good old Christmas Popcorn tin. You know those large tins that hold 3 varieties of popcorn? Well we had ours still and barely ate 1/2 before it finally went stale. So it was time to clean it out and re-purpose it.

popcorn tin

I found some wrapping paper I had left over and grabbed it with my mod podge, (my home made one of  equal parts white glue and water) a paint brush and scissors. I first cut the paper to fit, then wrapped it around the tin and painted the glue on.

Once it was good and wet and sticking to the tin I set it outside in the sun to dry. It was such a lovely day out so it dried quickly.

popcorn tin1

Now I think I’ll use it to organize all the train parts. Let’s see if the kids will agree.


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