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Popcorn Tin = Toy Storage


Toys toys every where! I’m always looking for ways to store or organize the Kid’s toys. I really don’t know why because the kids never seem to keep them organized, but it feels better when I can.

One great item that can be reused into any storage is the good old Christmas Popcorn tin. You know those large tins that hold 3 varieties of popcorn? Well we had ours still and barely ate 1/2 before it finally went stale. So it was time to clean it out and re-purpose it.

popcorn tin

I found some wrapping paper I had left over and grabbed it with my mod podge, (my home made one of  equal parts white glue and water) a paint brush and scissors. I first cut the paper to fit, then wrapped it around the tin and painted the glue on.

Once it was good and wet and sticking to the tin I set it outside in the sun to dry. It was such a lovely day out so it dried quickly.

popcorn tin1

Now I think I’ll use it to organize all the train parts. Let’s see if the kids will agree.


Flower Girl and Ring Bearer


More Wedding Day Crafts. Our Cousin’s big day is coming up in May so we have lots of little details to finish. Since my kids are the Flower Girl and Ring Bearer I wanted to take care of the basket and pillow. I ended up buying the pillow on Etsy. It is so cute but I probably could have made it myself. I am just not great at sewing so I was too nervous to try! I knew I needed to match up the basket to the pillow and it gave me some great ideas.

ring bearer pillow

I bought a basket that I actually tested out with my daughter. I bought some burlap, bows, lace and wooded cut outs of birds and had fun with the glue gun.

flowergirl basket

flowerGirl basket1flowergirlbasket

This is what I put together. And my daughter can not wait to be in this Wedding. Let’s just hope my 2 year old son is just as excited on the day of!

Etched Champagne Flutes


Our cousin is getting married to a wonderful young woman. I’m super excited for this wedding, especially since my kids are the Flower Girl and Ring Bearer. All around it’s going to be a great day. I just attended the Bride’s Shower. Her Shower gift theme was romantic dates. This was such a great idea since they already live together and have most of the things they already need.  I ended up getting the couple a 90 minute champagne sunset cruise. I wanted to gift it right with some pretty glasses and champagne.

etched glass

I bought some sturdy champagne flutes and Martha Stewart’s Frost Etching Effect paint, stencils and brushes. I painted each glass with their initial and dressed up the basket with bows, keeping the wedding colors in mind.

etched glasses

This was a fun gift and fun Bridal Shower. Congratulations Samantha and Rob!

etched letters