Valentine’s Makeup


Time to makeup our faces for Valentine’s Day. Here are two easy ways with the makeup you already have.

First is to cover your face in a nice even color. For a nice fresh look try and mix your foundation with some of your daily moisturizer on the back of your hand. Spread it evenly on your face and on your eye lids. This will help keep your eye shadow in place.  Next, powder your whole face to set your foundation. Don’t forget your eyelids.

Now that you have a clean face, powder in your eyebrows and top your eyelids with a neutral color that matches your skin tone.


First we’ll do a brown and burgundy smoky eye. First add your darkest brown shadow on the lowest part to middle of your eyelid. Second, blend your second burgundy color on the middle of your eyelid to almost the brow bone. Last use your lightest shimmer on the brow bone (very top of eyelid) and on the inside of your eyelid. Blend, blend, blend this shimmer in towards the middle from the inside. Keep blending these until you think you’ve blended too much. Take another brush and add the darkest color to the bottom eyelid in the eyelashes, lining the bottom of your eye. Next we’ll be adding black liquid eyeliner. I never buy liquid eyeliner because with an eyeliner brush you can turn any eyeshadow into a liner. Grab your blackest eyeshadow and wet your brush, dip into the color and line your eye. I have no tip for this but to practice.  Once your eye is lined add lots of black mascara and stick to a light lip and cheeks with your smoky eye.



Second option is the red lip. One great tip to keep your red lip from running is to take your foundation all the way down to cover the top of your lip. you can also lip line your lips, but stick to a nude color or a red that matches exactly. Once your lips are red, you can also powder them down with translucent loose powder and this will keep then red longer for during drinks and food. But note it will take the glossy look away. When you have a red lip, make sure you stick to a clean look everywhere else. I only added a nice light shimmer to the eyelids, blush, black eyeliner (same as above), and lots of black mascara. I also grabbed a pink shimmer eyeshadow and with my finger patted it on the tops of  my cheeks. Gives a nice clean dewy look.


Now that you look great, enjoy your sweet Valentine.


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  1. It is SO NICE to see your beautuful face!!! I read something on line that made me think of you. Coffee grounds and brown sugar for a scrub….and just coffee grounds as a shampoo to clean your hair …… Have you ever heard of either? If you have do you have more information on the ratio of coffee to sugar?

    Happy Valentines Day to The Sweets!

    mary e moro

    via wireless mobile

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