Valentine’s Class Cards and Craft


Time for my Daughter’s first class Valentine’s Day. I’m so excited.  In preschool there’s no candy allowed, which is good, but I wanted to find something fun to put in each child’s Valentine’s mailbox.

So on to trusty ol’ Pinterest site I went and found so many great ideas.  I decided I would use this one and modify it for Preschoolers.

First I bought a pack of Valentine’s cards with my Daughter’s help. She practiced writing her name, that she’s been learning this school year, on each one. I then hole punched the cards with 2 holes.

friendship bracelet

Now I grabbed some fun yarn I got from my good friend Alyssa at our last Swap Party. And I just braided 30 bracelets.  I made each one the same for the boys and girls using colors I think everyone will enjoy. Lastly I stuck the bracelet in the card holes.

friendshipbracelet holland

I’m excited about these cute friendship bracelets. My Daughter loves them.

friendship bracelet valentine

I’m also still in love with our last years Valentine’s Day Cards. So cute!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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