Jewlery Wind Chime


My daughter really loves jewelry, like her Mother. So she has a ton of costume little girl jewelry. And if you also have a little girl you know how often these cheap pieces break.

jewelry holland

I started saving the beads and other pieces of her jewelry to fix them but I ended up reusing them in other projects. Like this much needed fresh air project. You see, we’ve been stuck in the house for a week now. Both kids have the flu and its been chilly and too windy to get out.

Now finally today it seems they are on the mend its a beautiful 70 degrees out. So today we are attempting to get some fresh air in and germs out! So what a perfect day it is to make a wind chime with her broken jewelry.

I grabbed one of my little needle point rings, wire, glue gun and my daughter’s beads and things. Now just be creative with your kids and make a wind chime.


Now this wind chime doesn’t sounds as beautiful in the wind as some you can purchase but it looks super cute and maybe even better to hang in my daughter’s room.



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