An Author at 3 Years Old


My daughter loves to have books read to her. She also loves to make up her own stories. So I thought it would be fun to have her help in writing her own story. I also love any way to use up my endless scrapbook supplies since I no longer scrapbook.

First I printed out free coloring pictures from the internet. I chose pictures that I thought she’d be interested in like a princess, astronauts and dinosaurs.

book Holland color

I had her narrate to me a story to do with the picture she was coloring. I wrote it under each picture and attached the pictures to some heavy card stock. I also cut pictures out of her and her brother’s face to put on their characters in the story.

book jude

Once we finished the story, I  3 hole punched the pages and used some of my extra yarn to tie the book together. Then I glued letters, again from my scrapbooking inventory, onto the cover for the book’s title.

book holland

She’s been enjoying reading the story and coloring the pictures for 2 weeks now.

book holland read

This would be a fun gift to make for Mother’s Day for Mom or Grandma with them included in the story. Or a great gift for your little one’s best friend with them both in the story. What a wonderful keepsake this will become.


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  1. I love this, Desiree! You’re such a teacher at heart. 🙂 The book looks so cute. I appreciate all your ideas! I am going to attempt to do this with Josh. It’s hard to get him to sit and do arts/crafts or writing. He’d rather play make believe or run around…;)

  2. Aww thanks Nancy. I wanted to be a teacher when I was younger. Guess its another reason why I love the co-op preschool too! I think all the kids make such fun stories they need to be documented! Have fun 🙂

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