New Resolutions of Gratitude (Jar)


I saw this gratitude jar all over Facebook this past week and I thought it was such a great and easy idea.

We get stuck on the negativity and take the good little things for granted. So I thought this would be a wonderful way to start off the new year and keep it going through out the next 362 days.

All I used was a large jar. I save most of my food jars to reuse. Some spray paint and a note to start it.


I sprayed the top of the jar and thought I’d add a little Pollock to my jar. Not too much since I want to see these positive notes stack up through the year!

Obviously there are countless ways to decorate this jar. If you have older kids, have them decorate it with you.

This will be fun to do with the kids helping you remember to write them down.

So each time something good happens, write it down and put it in your gratitude jar. Then at the end of the year, New Years Eve, read all the good things that happened throughout the year.

jar note

Happy New Years!


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