I’ve been wanting to make a card holder for the Holidays for a few years now. I’ve found so many great and easy ways to display them.

I was going to cut some wood, paint it, let it dry, paint some clothes pins, let those dry, nail it all together and embellish it. But for whatever reason, the thought was just too overwhelming. So I went for the EASIEST.

All I did was grab an inexpensive red scarf, you know the cheap ones you get or give as stocking stuffers, and some cute clip pins I found already decorated at Micheal’s Craft Store. Best part was that they were in their dollar bins.

cardHolder scarf

I tied a bow at the top so it would hang on the wall and then added the clips. That was IT. And thank goodness because it’s been quite a week with the kids.


This can be temporary. So if you want to wear that red scarf on New Years, just remove the cards and it’s ready. Or you can roll it up and add it to your Holiday box of decorations and store it for next year.

Now I’ll just wait for more Holiday cards to display. Happy Holidays!

card holder scarf

Holiday Card Display


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