“Stained Glass” Leaves


I found the “stained glass”  leaves me made last fall in my Thanksgiving box of decorations. I love these leaves so much that I had to share this craft again this year.

All you need are those broken crayons, our kids make sure we have, in autumn colors, scissors, wax paper and an iron.

First I shaved the crayons onto the paper, then covered the shavings with another piece of wax paper. I did this on top of the ironing board, topped the wax paper with a paper towel so wax wouldn’t get on the iron.

Next I ironed it until the shavings were all melted. I printed out an outline of a large leave and traced it onto wax paper with a sharpie.  Lastly we cut out the shapes and hung them up.

The leaves look gorgeous hanging in the window.  Like stained glass.


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