Making Honey Spoons


I made these honey spoons a while back for my sister in law’s baby shower. They were fun to use with tea at the shower and also fun and easy for a party favor.

I also thought these could be fun for the holidays while having family and friends over in the cooler weather.

All you need is honey, water, white vinegar, sugar and a candy thermometer. Once cooked you’ll need thick plastic spoons and whatever you’re using to cover them, like  plastic wrap and a twist tie.

I used this recipe here

After they cooled on a cookie sheet I covered the spoons in a small amount of plastic wrap and tied the bottom with a twist tie.

I put one in each goodie bag along with a tea bag with a personalized sticker on it for the shower.

I was able to reuse some items for these party favors such as ribbon scraps and different plastic wear. It turned out cute since everyone got a one of a kind bag, different bows and different color spoons. I stuck the bags in a basket on the table of tea to make sure everyone grabbed one before leaving. For the holidays I may just stick a spoon next to the rest of the silverware as a fun surprise.

To use the spoon:  Just dip the honey spoon in a warm cup of tea and it melts as you stir.  Sip and enjoy!


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