Felt Purse for Halloween


My daughter and I decided we needed a new purse just for Halloween. So I dug out all my scraps to see what we could make.

I grabbed my black felt, skull and crossbones patch, or pirate patch as my daughter calls it, some bling, red thread and needle, hot glue gun, and a black ribbon scrap.

I folded the felt into a purse and hot glued the edges. Then I sewed the same edges together. I used red thread so it would show up nicely on the black felt. I glued half of the patch on the top of the purse flap and left the bottom half hang over. The weight of the patch keeps the purse closed nicely.

We then glued the “diamonds” to the purse and sewed the black ribbon, again with red thread, to the back of the purse.

My daughter loves it. We’ll be wearing this on Halloween. I say we because I usually end up holding whatever she needed so badly at the time, after she gets tired of it. Good thing I like it too!

Have a safe and fun Halloween!


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