Some friends of ours just moved into their new home and I found the perfect House Warming gift to make them.

Of course it has something to do with chalk board paint, one of my favorite things to re-purpose with.  Doesn’t everyone need something to write on in the kitchen? Well here you go.  A super easy and fun way to write kitchen lists on your wall.

I bought a small silver platter at a thrift store for $3. It was in perfect condition and had a nice and smooth surface, easier to write on with chalk.
All you need is your platter, spray paint that works on metal, chalk board paint and a way to mount to the wall.

If your platter has handles, consider using pretty wire ribbon to hang from the wall, with a decorative bow.  Our platter had no handles. So after taping it off, spraying it with paint and letting it dry, we glued hooks to the back of the platter using epoxy. My husband made sure they were even and straight with the level.

When those dried we taped off the outside paint and painted on the chalk board paint. We painted on 3 coats. I love how fast chalk board paint dries.

Last I cut a long piece of yarn and tied one end to the hook in the back and the other end to a piece of chalk.
Now it’s ready for it’s new home.

A re-purpose for an old Silver Platter


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