I’ve been eying these gorgeous scarves from  The House of Shakti  for a while now. They are so beautiful and just perfect to dress up a plain outfit during the cool weather. The cool weather that cannot come soon enough!

So when my Aunt gave me some broken Jade and Amethyst necklaces and told me, “Fix them or re-purpose them. Do what you do.” I knew exactly what I would use some of the stones for. I want one of those scarf necklaces!

I went to a craft store and found a few jewelry making tools. I’m not familiar with jewelry making so this was a more difficult craft for me. But it was fun to learn a few tricks for later.

I grabbed one of my scarves and gathered a few tassels on the end attached some bead wire and strung the beads to the length I felt would work. I made one necklace of Jade and one of Amethyst. I couldn’t decide which I liked best so I used both. I attached the necklaces at both ends and voila! I have a scarf necklace.

Can’t wait to break this one out when it’s nice and chilly out.

A Broken Necklace + a Scarf = a New Accessory for Fall!


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