Massage T-Shirts


Monday was my Husband’s birthday so I wanted to make a fun gift for him from the kids. Since the kids are always wrestling with him I thought this craft would be perfect.

I bought a $5 pack of fabric markers, which I’m sure I’ll have fun using on future projects, grabbed one of his T-Shirts and a pencil and started drawing a kid friendly map.

My daughter loved watching and supervising my art skills so much so that she almost gave the surprise away to Daddy. As soon as he got home I had to remind her it was a surprise and it wasn’t Daddy’s birthday just yet! She was so excited to give him his present.

The kids loved this shirt on Daddy. Daddy kinda got a massage or back scratch out of it, well between being climbed on. But it still turned out so cute and so much fun.

Happy Birthday Michael oxox


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