I love reusing ribbons. There’s just so many things you can add a ribbon to.

My daughter is sick and she missed Preschool today. It was only the 3rd day back to school and we were so bummed!

While she napped I thought it would be fun to give her a little gift of ribbons when she woke up. Us girls love ribbons.

All you need are ribbons, a hair tie, scissors and a ruler.

I grabbed one of her hair ties and cut ribbons about 8 inches. Then I tied them on the hair tie in a pattern with an over hand knot.

Once in a while she lets me put her hair up in a pony tail and this looks really cute.

I also made another hair tie with ribbons for my cousin’s daughter. She’s having a baby boy and I thought it was perfect that I had “it’s a boy” ribbon left over from a diaper cake I made a while back. They live in another state so this would be an easy fun gift to mail her.

I did the same thing with these ribbons, except I cut them 10 inches long. One ribbon was double the size of the small one, so when I tied the wider ribbon, I folded it in half first. I thought this blue ribbon hair tie turned out really pretty. I hope she likes it as much as my daughter loved hers.

My daughter instantly felt better when I gave her this new hair tie. Still coughing, but smiling too!

Ribbons to the rescue!

Ribbons Make Everything Better


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