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Watermelon Agua Fresca


My family and I love watermelon and it’s just the perfect treat for summer. I bought one that was so perfectly ripe that it would have had to be eaten in a day! I hate to waste anything so I decided to make watermelon juice out of half it. Or otherwise known at Watermelon Agua Fresca.

I chopped up half the watermelon in chunks and then pureed them in the blender. After it was blended I then poured it through a strainer.

Most recipes have you add water, lime and sugar to the juice, but all I did was cut it in half with water and added some ice cubes. It was delicious! Such a perfect drink for this long hot summer.


I’ve been eying these gorgeous scarves from¬† The House of Shakti¬† for a while now. They are so beautiful and just perfect to dress up a plain outfit during the cool weather. The cool weather that cannot come soon enough!

So when my Aunt gave me some broken Jade and Amethyst necklaces and told me, “Fix them or re-purpose them. Do what you do.” I knew exactly what I would use some of the stones for. I want one of those scarf necklaces!

I went to a craft store and found a few jewelry making tools. I’m not familiar with jewelry making so this was a more difficult craft for me. But it was fun to learn a few tricks for later.

I grabbed one of my scarves and gathered a few tassels on the end attached some bead wire and strung the beads to the length I felt would work. I made one necklace of Jade and one of Amethyst. I couldn’t decide which I liked best so I used both. I attached the necklaces at both ends and voila! I have a scarf necklace.

Can’t wait to break this one out when it’s nice and chilly out.

A Broken Necklace + a Scarf = a New Accessory for Fall!

Massage T-Shirts


Monday was my Husband’s birthday so I wanted to make a fun gift for him from the kids. Since the kids are always wrestling with him I thought this craft would be perfect.

I bought a $5 pack of fabric markers, which I’m sure I’ll have fun using on future projects, grabbed one of his T-Shirts and a pencil and started drawing a kid friendly map.

My daughter loved watching and supervising my art skills so much so that she almost gave the surprise away to Daddy. As soon as he got home I had to remind her it was a surprise and it wasn’t Daddy’s birthday just yet! She was so excited to give him his present.

The kids loved this shirt on Daddy. Daddy kinda got a massage or back scratch out of it, well between being climbed on. But it still turned out so cute and so much fun.

Happy Birthday Michael oxox


I love reusing ribbons. There’s just so many things you can add a ribbon to.

My daughter is sick and she missed Preschool today. It was only the 3rd day back to school and we were so bummed!

While she napped I thought it would be fun to give her a little gift of ribbons when she woke up. Us girls love ribbons.

All you need are ribbons, a hair tie, scissors and a ruler.

I grabbed one of her hair ties and cut ribbons about 8 inches. Then I tied them on the hair tie in a pattern with an over hand knot.

Once in a while she lets me put her hair up in a pony tail and this looks really cute.

I also made another hair tie with ribbons for my cousin’s daughter. She’s having a baby boy and I thought it was perfect that I had “it’s a boy” ribbon left over from a diaper cake I made a while back. They live in another state so this would be an easy fun gift to mail her.

I did the same thing with these ribbons, except I cut them 10 inches long. One ribbon was double the size of the small one, so when I tied the wider ribbon, I folded it in half first. I thought this blue ribbon hair tie turned out really pretty. I hope she likes it as much as my daughter loved hers.

My daughter instantly felt better when I gave her this new hair tie. Still coughing, but smiling too!

Ribbons to the rescue!

Ribbons Make Everything Better