Preschool Accesories


My Daughter’s first day of preschool is in 2 weeks and I can’t believe how fast this has come.

I wanted to make this weeks repurposed item to do with preschool and I found a really cute fabric key ring to make. This is fun to connect to her lunch bag’s zipper.

This not only personalizes her bag but helps the little ones in unzipping and zipping their bags. It can also be used as a place to write their information in case dropped somewhere.

I had all the pieces at home. All I used was scrap material, felt, key ring, needle and thread and scissors. I also used the bottom of a small glass to make a circle and a ruler to make my letter.

I cut 2 pieces of scrap material and 1 circle of felt in between to give it some stiffness. I also used a strip of felt for the loop to connect to the key ring.

Once I cut the letter out I pinned all pieces together and hand stitched. I should have used my sewing machine but I wasn’t feeling like battling a bobbin in the same amount of time as hand sewing.

Now it’s connected to her lunch bag and ready to go!

Happy back to school!


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