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It’s really the season for yards sales. Such a great way to clean out the garage, make some extra room and maybe some extra cash.

If you don’t like the idea of getting up extra early and unpacking everything out on your lawn and selling, have you ever thought about doing a Swap Party instead?

I had one last fall and it was actually a lot of fun with the girls. We weren’t strict about what to bring and what not to bring since this was the first Swap Party I’ve done and wanted it to be easy.

I scored a nice cotton dress, some jewelry and passed on some nice items I just don’t get to use anymore.

In my Mommy Meetup Group, they also do baby/toddler clothes swaps periodically. What a great way to pass back and forth nice baby clothes without spending tons of money.

So if you’ve had a Swap Party, or planning on one, I’d like to hear about it. I’d love some¬† inspiration.

Yard Sale or Swap Party?


Preschool Accesories


My Daughter’s first day of preschool is in 2 weeks and I can’t believe how fast this has come.

I wanted to make this weeks repurposed item to do with preschool and I found a really cute fabric key ring to make. This is fun to connect to her lunch bag’s zipper.

This not only personalizes her bag but helps the little ones in unzipping and zipping their bags. It can also be used as a place to write their information in case dropped somewhere.

I had all the pieces at home. All I used was scrap material, felt, key ring, needle and thread and scissors. I also used the bottom of a small glass to make a circle and a ruler to make my letter.

I cut 2 pieces of scrap material and 1 circle of felt in between to give it some stiffness. I also used a strip of felt for the loop to connect to the key ring.

Once I cut the letter out I pinned all pieces together and hand stitched. I should have used my sewing machine but I wasn’t feeling like battling a bobbin in the same amount of time as hand sewing.

Now it’s connected to her lunch bag and ready to go!

Happy back to school!

Ice Toys To Keep Us Cool This Summer


This was a fun idea I found on this other Mother’s Blog

It’s been so hot these past weeks so we’ve been playing outside really early in the morning in the water to try and stay cool.

This was a perfect idea to keep cool with a fun newish toy.

First I found the smallest toys (non choke-able) to freeze inside of a water balloon.

All you need is: small toys like plastic animals, water or regular balloons like I used, water and a freezer.

I froze these balloons over night, then we peeled off the balloon when we were ready to play.

We added them to the baby pool and water table and watched them melt and release the toys.

It’s so simple but so much fun and didn’t cost us a thing.

Have fun and stay cool!

Too Many Doilies?


I found a pack of a dozen doilies and I’ve been wanting to use them. There are so many great reuses for doilies. One reuse is making a table runner out of them, so that’s what I chose to do.

I think this is perfect for baby showers and the holidays that are coming up. I know it’s only August but I have to keep telling myself the holidays are coming to make it through this hot summer.

First I laid out a pattern of the doilies on the table. Next I pinned them and then stitched them together.

It’s that simple. Now I have a little fancy table runner for whenever I entertain.