Monthly Archives: July 2012

Ribbons and Beads


My daughter needed a new floppy sun hat and when I asked on facebook where I could find a good one, within days some great friends of ours had mailed her one. Thank you Amy and Emily.It’s an adorable floppy watermelon sun hat.

It’s perfect and keeps the shade off her face and head.

Well it became a little too floppy after a few wears and started to fall over her eyes too much.

So I decided to fix this gorgeous hat! We couldn’t stop wearing it!

I placed the hat on a toy globe, because it was the shape I needed and I knew I could wash off the globe easily.

I sprayed the front brim of the hat with spray starch. Got it really soaked and let it dry for an hour out side. I repeated this until I got it as stiff as I’d like it.

This really worked well and she can wear it and see again! I’m going to do this next to mine it worked so well.

Starching Your Sun Hat

Fun With Tennis Shoes


I found some metal stars studs in my bag o’ buttons and wanted to use them. I remembered seeing studs on some Vans that looked really cute. So I grabbed my black Converse and decorated them!

A bag of studs are so cheap at your local craft store. I had these left over from a leather watch band I used them on years ago.

First you want to count them up and set a design before you stick them in your shoes or watch band for that matter. Then press them on nice and hard. Make sure to press down the back sharp prongs to make sure you don’t feel them on your feet through the shoes. Pliers can help with that.

This is super easy and I love the way they turned out.

Best part is I got newly styled shoes for nothing!