Candy Dish out of your Fabric Scraps


Making a candy dish from extra fabric is so easy and fun. There are so many ways you can style these. It can be a bed side dish for your chap stick and keys, a holiday bread basket from holiday fabric, an actual candy dish, a dish to hold coasters on your coffee table, etc.

All you need is enough material to fit around the size of bowl you use to mold around, mod podge, sponge brush or paint brush,  plastic wrap and scissors.

First wrap your glass bowl tightly, getting all the air out. Flip bowl upside down and wipe a layer of mod podge over the plastic wrap. Next lay your material the pattern side down (so you can see it on the inside of the bowl) onto the bowl.

Now soak the fabric real good with more mod podge and get it nice and stuck to the bowl. You’ll do this again with the next fabric with the pattern side facing up. This will be whats seen on the outside of the bowl.

Then its time for it to dry. I put the whole bowl on a paper plate outside in the sun to dry much faster.

After a few hours you have your bowl. All you have to do is pull it off the bowl and plastic and then trim the excess material.



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