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Father’s Day is this weekend so I wanted to find a good Dad’s craft. So whats more typical for Father’s Day then a tie? Not all Dad’s wear ties but I found this re-purposing to be super fun and really useful.

We will be putting hidden pockets in Dad’s tie! Did you also know its bad for your back to sit on a wallet gentlemen?

All you’ll need is an inexpensive tie (in case you ruin the tie on your first attempt), needle and thread, scissors, pen, credit card or business card.

First you want to snip the thread that holds the back and bottom of the tie together. Next sew a straight line on the bottom of the tie making the bottom of the pocket. There is a thick material in between the silk and front of the tie so make sure you sew the silk to the thick material and not through to the front. You don’t want to see the pockets from the front of the tie.

Next you’ll want to use the credit card to measure the size of the pocket. You want it the same size as the card. Next cut the sides of the tie using your measurements. Then fold the tops of both sides down and sew the folds in place. This makes the pocket visible from the back and a bit smaller then the card so you can get to the item easier.

Now fold the top of the silk pocket down and sew this fold in place. Again sew the top of the pocket cut tie to the stiff material carefully not sewing all the way through to the front. Now the seems of the pockets look nice and clean. Lastly sew the two sides of the tie back together.

One final touch, if you want, is to put a small slice in the tie further up for a pen to fit.

Now your tie is done and can hold a pen and cards for those impromptu meetings!

Repurposed Tie for Dad


There are only a few weeks left of Spring and I had a few more Spring cleaning and organizing I really needed to get done.  I found some great ideas online and made them my reality. And I’m so happy I did!

First I had to tackle my tiny 1949  home’s even tinier linen closet. I folded up my sheets and tucked them inside the matching pillow case. Are you kidding me? It’s that easy? Why have I not heard of this before? There is sooooo much more space now! Ok so I really folded them as perfect as possible and no Martha Stewart, I don’t iron my sheets, so I’m sure there will be folded marks. But as usual, when I get those sheets on nice and tight and after one night of sleep on them, there are no more wrinkles left. haha I’m just happy the linen closet is finally organized!

I had my husband buy me a small cheap shower curtain rod for my next organizing project. I hung it under my kitchen sink where all my cleaners are. I hung up each spray cleaner on the rod and now I can see and find everything I need so much easier. This was super crowded since ALL my cleaners are in one  child proofed spot, So happy that the sink is also organized now!









Lastly I wanted to repurpose a tall glass vase I have to organize my hair scarves. Sadly I cannot find this vase. I think I may have let someone borrow it, but I found my cute short one, and well you get the idea. This looks so pretty to use as a decoration and for storage. Now my scarves aren’t out of sight out of mind. I can see them and now make more use of them.

Thank you Spring for making me clean and organize. Now I’m ready for Summer!

Repurposing and Organizing