I have so much jewelry that I can’t get to wearing them all. So I thought I’d play with some and change them up.

I found some cute hoops I never wear and some embroiderer thread.  I picked 2 colors and cut both threads about 12 inches long for each hoop. I tied a knot on the hoop with both strings and began to wrap the thread tightly around the hoop earring. When I got the the end I tied another knot and coated both ends with Mod Podge. (oh how I love the many ways to use Mod Podge) I let them dry then clipped the knot and string off the ends. Done.

Next earrings to restyle. I picked my star earrings I wear once a year on 4th of July, if I remember to! I grabbed my red and blue nail polish and just painted away. Let one side dry and then painted the other side.

This was so easy and fun and I love the way they turned out. I can’t wait to wear my newish hoops with a new top I just bought.

Hope this inspires you!

Re-styling Your Jewelry


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