Suitcase to a Small bar in 2 Days


I outgrew this small suitcase that held my scrap booking crafts in a hurry. This cute case has just been gathering dust in my garage for months, until now. I found the perfect use for it and I love the way this turned out.

The suitcase will now be mounted on a wall to hold a small bar. It can be shut until you want to use the items inside. It’s a super cute idea for a bar or I’ve actually seen it used as a medicine cabinet also. Either way I think it’s a really neat look.

My husband cut pieces of wood to make shelves in this case. Then I printed some alcohol posters and glued them in with mod podge. We painted the shelves to match and let it all dry over night.

Then you just add whatever you want held in this cool cabinet and mount it on the wall! Actually you should probably mount it first then add. I couldn’t wait and wanted to take pictures right away.

We’ll mount ours tonight!

Here’s the bar mounted in my husband’s game room.


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  1. Hello repurposingmom,
    I loved this idea so much that I’m going to make on for my boyfriends birthday, I do have a few questions for you about the details and how you put this together.

    The shelves that your husband made I can get them cut at a hardware store but how did he install them?

    Also what did you all use to mount the suitcase?

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