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I was cleaning out my car when I noticed I had a few of the same looking sunglasses. Right away I knew I could fix that and change things up a bit.

This is why I love Mod Podge. I grabbed my home made version of Mod Podge, my sunglasses and some cute card stock. You can also use fabric, lace and even glitter or gems to fancy up those boring glasses. I used card stock since I have so many supplies left over from scrap booking.

When I got the shape right for the glasses, I traced and cut it out for the other side.

Then I painted on some Mod Podge to the arm of the glasses, set the paper on top and again painted the paper until it was good and soaked and sticking to the sunglasses arm.

I let those dry for about an hour and they were ready to wear. I love the possibilities with this.

Happy Sunshine Days!

Re-styling Sunglasses – Oh Mod Podge how I love you


I have so much jewelry that I can’t get to wearing them all. So I thought I’d play with some and change them up.

I found some cute hoops I never wear and some embroiderer thread.  I picked 2 colors and cut both threads about 12 inches long for each hoop. I tied a knot on the hoop with both strings and began to wrap the thread tightly around the hoop earring. When I got the the end I tied another knot and coated both ends with Mod Podge. (oh how I love the many ways to use Mod Podge) I let them dry then clipped the knot and string off the ends. Done.

Next earrings to restyle. I picked my star earrings I wear once a year on 4th of July, if I remember to! I grabbed my red and blue nail polish and just painted away. Let one side dry and then painted the other side.

This was so easy and fun and I love the way they turned out. I can’t wait to wear my newish hoops with a new top I just bought.

Hope this inspires you!

Re-styling Your Jewelry

Home Made Lollies


I wanted to do something easy and fun for my daughter’s 3rd birthday. This year’s party theme is desserts. I found some¬† bubbles in cute plastic ice cream cones to give out and I’m baking a large cup cake cake. So what else could I make but lollipops?!

All I needed was a bag of jolly ranchers, lollipop sticks I found at a craft store, cooking spray, parchment paper, and aluminum.

I found this recipe on line but had to tweak it a bit to work for me.

First preheat oven to 225, then line your cookie sheet with aluminum first then parchment paper. Lightly spray the paper with cooking spray. Line up 3 candies to create your lollies.

Bake candies until they just start to melt together. My oven took 7 minutes.

Carefully remove cookie sheet and add lolly sticks. You have to do this quickly by twisting the stick around in the candy so the candy is covering the stick. Be careful, candy is hot but cools down quickly and wont take to the stick if you wait too long.

After a few minutes I removed the candies and we had them standing upright to cool down. After 30 minutes I was able to put them in their plastic cover and twist tie them shut.

Super cute, colorful and ready for the party!

Of course I had birthday girl try one to tell me how they turned out. She was loving it. I didn’t feel too guilty about the candy since she’s only good for about 60 seconds with it until it’s too sweet and she’s done.

Happy 3rd Birthday Baby Girl!